If you’ve joined our official Discord server (click here to join), you’d probably know that there’s A LOT of hype for Pokemon’s new TCG Set: Temporal Forces. Not only does the new set bring a ton of new Illustration Cards, but it also re-introduces an old mechanic in Ace Specs - powerful cards that you can only play 1 of in your deck. And the cool thing for collectors, they’re a brand new rarity slot in the pack! They don’t even take away from your chances of pulling an Illustration or Full Art card. This sets marks the beginning of the “H” block, so all of these cards will be legal for to..
Pokémon TCG - Where to Start
The Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the most popular trading card games in the world. It has a mix of “easy to learn” rules and actions while also having the depth for a full on competitive circuit. After a year of competing in local events, League Challenges, Regionals & International Championships, the best players in the world meet up for the Pokémon World Championship every summer. But before you get there, you have to start somewhere!    This isn’t a “How to Play” article. Instead, I’ll talk about how to get started, what products you should look for and where you can play the g..
The Card Grading Process
An In-Depth Look at Card Grading If you’re new to card grading or collecting in general, you may have some questions about the overall grading process. Stick with me while I explain in detail the whole process from deciding to grade a card to getting your now-graded card returned to you! The first questions asked are “What is card grading?” and “What is my card worth?” Lucky for us, I’ve already written a couple articles about those exact topics! I recommend taking the 5 or so minutes to read both of the previous articles. I’ll leave links to them below this section to keep it simple. Be..
I’m a bit of a Trading Card “Nerd”.   I can’t help it, it’s a passion of mine. I love collecting, I love playing and I love introducing people to trading cards. Specifically Pokémon. When I first started collecting Pokémon cards back in… 1999, you had 2 options for storing your cards. In a shoebox or in a binder. And I’m not talking about those newer UltraPro binders with the matte covers and side-loader sleeves. I’m talking about those 3 ring binders with those loose 9-pocket sleeves to hold the cards. Those old binders and pages are notorious for scratching up your cards. If you ex..
Earlier this year, we opened up our store to accept pre-orders for the new Pokemon Battle Styles set. I had anticipated a few orders before the March 19th release date rolled around, but we received over 20 individual pre-orders before that date even came around! That may not sound like a lot to you, but to a new and growing company such as ourselves, that was a lot more than we expected. Almost every day in March we would have a new order for the new set. It was pretty cool! But then there was the matter of the stock… We ended up selling out of all of our supply before March 12th (o..
How do I know if I should grade this card?
So you found your old stash of Pokémon cards and think you’ve got a treasure? Or perhaps you just pulled that shiny Secret Rare from a pack of cards. The next question on your mind is “How much is this card worth?” Well that depends on what condition your card is in. We’ve already talked about preserving a card’s value by getting it professionally graded. But how do you know if your card is worth grading? The first thing you need to know is how valuable your card is un-graded. The two largest North American vendors for un-graded trading cards are TCGPlayer and TrollandToad. Alternatively..
Grading Cards
Getting your cards graded is the best way to preserve their value! If you grew up in the late 90’s & early 2000’s you probably remember your parents talking about “Cabbage Patch Kids” or “Beanie Babies” and how they became such popular and sought after collector’s items. My mom always told me to keep good care of my Pokémon cards because she (like many other parents) believed that they would be worth something someday... And she was right! Earlier this year, a 1st Edition Holographic Charizard card sold for over $200,000! That’s because not only is this an incredibly rare card, it’s als..
Chances are... you don’t recognize many of the board games we feature. A lot of people associate games like Monopoly® and Risk® when they think of board games. When we were coming up with Elite4 Games, our goal was to find quality unique games. Through our research, we found games that offer fun and unique takes on tapletop games. For example, “Unlock!” is a really cool one. It’s a cooperative puzzle that uses a free app to assist you in tackling 3 unique scenarios. Perhaps you’re looking for a game to play at a big family gathering or with your buddies on your college campus. May I intr..
Buying Loose Packs
Buying loose packs is often riskier than buying full booster boxes Every time you buy a single pack of cards, you are essentially gambling. Each pack of cards has a chance of containing a super rare card, but it’s far more likely that the pack doesn’t contain such a card. A “booster box” is a factory sealed package of booster packs. These full booster boxes have a guaranteed ratio of Holo and Rare cards. This means that when you buy a full booster box, you are guaranteed to get a set amount of high-rarity cards with a chance to get even more! On top of that, it’s cheaper to purchase a seale..
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