Disney Lorcana

Disney’s Lorcana is a new Collectible Card Game featuring your favorite Disney characters!

Wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble your team of Disney characters. Some characters will be familiar friends, others will be fantastically reimagined. While there is a growing playerbase, the main attracting is the gorgeous card art.

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Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Expansion Booster Box Adventure is on the horizon as we unveil t..
$200.00CAD $178.57CAD
Begin Your Adventure: Starter Decks To play Disney Lorcana, each player will need a deck of sixty..
$25.00CAD $22.32CAD
Expand Your Collection: Booster Packs Unlike starter decks, booster packs contain twelve random c..
$222.75CAD $198.88CAD
A collector set celebrating 100 years of Walt Disney Animations For a century, animators at Walt ..
$75.00CAD $66.96CAD
Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Illumineer’s Trove Adventure is on the horizon as we unveil the ..
$75.00CAD $66.96CAD
Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Expansion Booster Box Unlike starter decks, booster packs co..
$222.75CAD $198.88CAD
The ultimate treasure for both collectors and players, the Illumineer’s Trove includes a full-art st..
$75.00CAD $66.96CAD
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