PSA Card Submissions

Looking to send a trading card into PSA to get it graded?

We do regular bulk submissions so we can provide a cheaper individual cost to you! Because we are able to submit dozens of cards at a time, we get a pretty significant discount which we pass along to you! Cards will be grouped based on the year range that they were printed. Of course, you can submit cards through PSA’s Regular and Express service options through us as well.

See the chart below for the service types available:

Card Type Grading Fee  
Sports & Trading Cards from 1980 ~ 2023 (120 day ETA)

$40 CDN

($35 per card if you’re submitting 5 or more)

Available for cards valued up to $499 USD
Sports & Trading Cards from Before 1980 (120 day ETA) $120 CDN Available for cards valued up to $499 USD
PSA Regular Service (30 Day ETA) $200 CDN Available for cards valued up to $1499 USD
PSA Express Service (10 Day ETA) $335 CDN Available for cards valued up to $2499 USD


According to the insurance policies covering collectible goods, cards you ship from your own personal collection cannot be insured until they have been graded. This means you accept the risk that the package may be lost or damaged in transit from our store to PSA's headquarters in California.

Please see above chart for estimated turnaround times at PSA. As we need at least 20 cards per submission bracket (above), you may see this lead time extend even further past our estimate. You are of course welcome to retrieve your cards pending submission for a refund if you decide that the wait time is too long. Want to see our active submissions? Click Here

Our store is located in Victoria, BC. If you are outside of the area and would like to submit your card(s), we do require that you also pay for the shipping to get your card to and from our location. Instructions will be given in a follow-up e-mail after completing your submission. We provide all of the packaging necesarry to submit a card for grading. This includes both the protective card sleeve and the semi-rigid card saver. That’s all included in the grading fee above.

If you’re ready to send your submission, you can either fill out the form below or download the PSA Card Submission pdf file ( click here ) and e-mail it over to [email protected].

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