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If you’ve joined our official Discord server (click here to join), you’d probably know that there’s A LOT of hype for Pokemon’s new TCG Set: Temporal Forces. Not only does the new set bring a ton of new Illustration Cards, but it also re-introduces an old mechanic in Ace Specs - powerful cards that you can only play 1 of in your deck. And the cool thing for collectors, they’re a brand new rarity slot in the pack! They don’t even take away from your chances of pulling an Illustration or Full Art card. This sets marks the beginning of the “H” block, so all of these cards will be legal for to..


  • Annie
    Amazing selection and amazing customer service! I have purchased 4 games from you and I have yet to choose a favourite! They are all enjoyable and during covid times, it’s been a great way to pass the time, thank you!..
  • Derek
    Wow! your web site looks amazing! I will definitely be using your site next time I make a game purchase..

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